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About us

This work is one of the major tasks of the Bio/Chem-informatics in Personalized Medicine (BCIPM) Project, which is supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China.

The major tasks of the project are:

  • Predicting the serious adverse drug reaction (SADR) of a compound through pattern recognition based on its Chemical-Protein Interactome profile;
  • Identifying candidate genes for SADR, exploring brand new therapeutic targets and new indication of the drugs through constructing and mining a comprehensive Chemical-Protein Interactome (CPI);
  • Predicting the population susceptible to SADR;
  • Bibliomics database construction and network modeling of genes related to SADR (SADR Gengle™).

Lun Yang Ph. D & Lin He Ph. D conceived the idea. We thank National Natural Science foundation of China for the financial support.

Project implementation:

  • PHP, user interface and code integration: Heng Luo [LinkedIn] [Google Scholar]
  • Algorithm, molecular modeling, analysis pipeline and database design: Lun Yang Ph. D
  • Molecular modeling and visualization: Jian Chen

Translational Bioinformatics @ Bio-X Institutes,
Fudan University/ Chinese Academy of Sciences/ Shanghai Jiao Tong University