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Serious adverse drug reaction (SADR) has been an urgent world-wide problem causing a lot of troubles to human being. Particularly as tragedies triggered by Vioxx® event in 2004 and Avandia® event in 2007, identifying population susceptible to SADR have been extremely concerned by scientists, industries and governments.

SADRs are mainly caused by unexpected drug-protein interactions of the SADR targets, and some rare polymorphisms within binding pocket make some population more susceptive to the drugs attack.

What does SePreSA provide for you?

This server has a comprehensive collection of the structure models of nearly all the well known SADR targets. Once a drug molecule is submitted, the interaction strength of it to all SADR targets will be calculated. The server will also suggest the drug-protein binding pattern of the lowest estimated free energy, with AA residuals within 6.4Å of the drug molecule highlighted and visualized in customer's browser.

Polymorphism information for each of the SADR targets will be displayed when the customer click on the "Show Report" button, finally helping customers to deduce the population-based susceptibility information of the drug molecule.

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