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Identifying novel indications for old drug (drug repositioning) is an efficient way of enhancing drug safety and lowering R & D costs. Adverse drug reaction (ADR) is a major reason to cause death among hospitalized patients. Since new indication and ADRs are both caused by unknown or unexpected drug-protein interactions, it is reasonable to predict them based on mining the Chemical-Protein Interactome (CPI).

What does DRAR-CPI provide for you?

This server has a representative collection of drug molecules and targetable human proteins. When you submit a molecule, the server will suggest candidate off-targets that tend to interact with it, and will also give the positive or negative association scores between your molecule and our library drugs based on their interaction profiles of the CPI. Since our library drugs have annotations of their indications and ADRs, you can thus predict new indications or unknown ADRs based on the association scores of your molecule across our library molecules.

Sister servers

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