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Drugs are commonly co-prescribed and unexpected drug-drug interactions (DDIs) may occur and lead to adverse reactions, or even the termination or withdrawal of market drugs. Those DDIs are an obstacle for new discovery and applications of drug-drug combinations. As DDIs may be caused by unexpected drug-protein interactions, we can predict these interactions by studying and mining their profiles of Chemical-Protein Interactome (CPI).

What does DDI-CPI provide for you?

This server has a collection of 2000+ FDA approved drug molecules as library drugs, and 600+ ligand-bindable human proteins including both pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) targets. When you submit a molecule, the server will suggest putative targets that tend to interact with it, and will also give the predictions and estimated probabilities of DDIs between your molecule and our library drugs via mining their CPI profiles. By analyzing putative PK/PD proteins involved in the predictions, you may decipher potential mechanisms of DDIs mediated by unexpected drug-human protein interactions.

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